Top 5 beaches in New York

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1.Coney Island

  Coney Island is a place where friends gather to socialize. They can spend time on the boardwalk but it is equally enjoyable to sit and talk on the beach or even just lie back and sunbathe. The sea is inviting at the height of summer, if not quite as hot as in latitudes further south. After a few hours of sun, it is refreshing, however.



2.Brighton Beach

  If you continue walking east from Coney Island and the aquarium, you’ll come to Brighton Beach, located in a neighborhood of the same name facing the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is a little less crowded than Coney island, and you’ll find mostly locals enjoying the area with picnics and volleyball.



3.Rockaway Beach

  Rockaway Beach on the namesake peninsula in Queens offers an action-packed day of activities including beach volleyball, fishing, 7 playgrounds, and a 5.5-mile seaside boardwalk to stroll along. It’s also the only beach in New York City where surfing is allowed, which is best enjoyed in the summer months. In autumn, the waves are bigger and better suited for experienced surfers.



4.Long Beach

  A 50-minute train ride on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Manhattan will bring you to the soft, white sands of Long Beach, where you can sunbathe, swim, and catch some waves. Chairs and umbrellas are available to rent from several outfitters.



5.Fort Tilden Beach

  It’s only on the weekends in the summer that this beach in Queens shows much sign of human activity, even though it is so close to hugely populated areas. There are ferries that take visitors close to the shore and beach buses made for the job. There is little in the way of infrastructure and no lifeguards, so you are on your own.

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