Top 5 playgrounds in New York, USA

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1.Bleecker Playground in the West Village

  The playground on Bleecker Street in the West Village, opened in 1996, is known as the playground of celebrities. This is where you will see Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins as well as Jessica Alba’s kids play on the climbing bars, the swings, and in the big sandbox. What makes this playground special is that unused toys from the nearby residents are donated to the playground, where they are made available to children of all ages. Directly across from the playground is the famous Magnolia Bakery. In any ranking of New York’s playgrounds, Bleecker Playground is always near the top. Address: corner of 8th Avenue and Bleecker Street / bathrooms are available.

2.Central Park

  Every NYC kid should spend an afternoon bomping around the Ancient Playground in Central Park. The recently- renovated brutalist complex of pyramids, bridges and other structures encourages creative play, while the sideways view of the Met Museum can’t be beat. Bonus: The spotless bathrooms have new fixtures. Be sure to spend a moment looking at the intricate sculptures on the entrance gate: The animals are acting out Aesop’s fables.



3.Gantry Plaza State Park Playground in Long Island City

  Long Island City is a popular destination for many New York tourists. Why? The area boasts great restaurants, a vibrant arts scene, and moderately-priced accommodations. Your entry point to Long Island City is the Gantry Plaza State Park. Here, little ones will find a very modern and new playground complete with climbing bars, several swings, a splash park, and a pirate ship. Adults can enjoy the views and fresh coffee, snacks, and cold drinks sold at the playground. It doesn’t get any better than that! Address: 4 – 09 47th Rd on the East River, Hunter’s Point in Queens.



4.Domino Park

  This playground on the Brooklyn waterfront has made its mark in NYC. With an industrial aesthetic that pays homage to the neighborhood’s past, Domino Park set up shop in the space where the Domino Sugar Refinery once stood. Now there’s a huge splash pad where kiddies can cool off, an epic playground, great views of the Manhattan skyline and of course, sweet spots where you’re able to refuel. Mom and Dad, you’ll be pleased to know that Danny Meyer’s Tacocina is at the ready with tasty cocktails.



5.Rockefeller Park

  Like Central Park, the beautiful Battery Park also offers several nice playgrounds. One highly recommended playground is the one at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park (Battery Park City). This playground is in lower Manhattan and gives you great views of One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. The playground at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park provides everything kids dream of: a large, multi-level climbing feature, many swings, and everything is divided by age group – there are special areas for big kids, toddlers, and even infants. Your kid is guaranteed to fall asleep quickly following a visit to this playground! Address: River Terrace, Chamber Street.


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