Must try local food in New York , USA

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1.Roberta’s Pizza

  This super popular (and dare I say hipster) Brooklyn pizzeria does some serious wood-fired pizzas within a really cool atmosphere…. and they aren’t just pizzas. There’s a full kitchen menu as well. Update: they now have a location at Urbanspace Vanderbilt right next to Grand Central Station, and I love the Bee Sting Pizza there. It’s a soppressata pie kissed with honey… you get spicy and a little touch of sweet that’s irresistible.



2.Beef patty

  This yellow closet of a space a few blocks east of Grand Concourse in Morrisania excels at classic Jamaican baked goods like hardo bread, bulla cake, and coconut totoes, but its premier product is its patties, probably the best in the Bronx. Laced with scotch bonnet peppers, the spicy beef is a favorite, and many opt to make it a full meal by putting the patty — as is conventional — in a puffy coco bread, like a fast ballhitting a catcher’s mitt.



3.Russ & Daughters sandwiches

  The bagels are actually just okay, but you are here for their lox sandwiches (with scallion cream cheese)… and they are legendary. Russ & Daughters is a super famous Lower East Side establishment that’s been in business for 100 years. That’s a long time to be on the top in NYC. And expect a line… there is always a well- deserved wait for these sandwiches.




  Many New Yorkers first became aware of the twirling vertical rotisserie of pork topped with pineapple called a trompo when it appeared in the window of Taco Mix in East Harlem, which originated as a cart owned by Jorge Sanchez in 1991. Now trompos are seen all over town, betokening excellent pork tacos assembled on the spot, using corn tortillas and simply garnished with cilantro and chopped onions. Squirt on the green or red salsa, or any of the other toppings like oiled red chiles displayed on the counter. Multiple locations.



5.Ivan Ramen


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