Top 5 beaches in Kuching, Malaysia

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1. Golden Beach Trombol

  Trombol Beach (also known as Golden Beach), about a half-hour drive from Kuching, is a charming but little-known resort. This apparently unending length of sand is paradise for photographers and models. Trombol Beach has a post-apocalyptic feel to it, with its backdrop of tiny islands (including Satang Island).

It’s frighteningly gorgeous, with entire uprooted trees strewn across the parched sand, abandoned wrecked boats rotting away, and debris bordering the 10km beach.



2. Sematan Beach, Sematan

  Sematan Beach on the Kalimantan border, around 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Sarawak’s Kuching, is a popular weekend getaway for residents. The sandy stretch of coastline, formerly a fishing town and now an elite resort, is frequently ranked among Sarawak’s greatest beaches. The resort maintains a beautiful and litter-free stretch of beach that runs parallel to the South China Sea.



3. Siar Beach Lundu

  Relax by strolling on the beautiful sand or swimming in the water. Visit Lundu Township and meet the friendly residents, or go to the fish market for some fresh catches for your BBQ. On your route to Siar Beach, you could see the world’s biggest flower, the Rafflesia, in full bloom in Gunung Gading National Park. The Lundu Retreat Beach Resort is the ideal destination for a fun and peaceful vacation. It’s also perfect for up to 200 attendees at business events, meetings, and seminars. The luxurious resort on Borneo’s southwestern point is only an hour’s drive from Sarawak’s capital, Kuching. It’s hidden away in a quiet cove surrounded by beautiful tropical vegetation.



4. Damai Beach

  The Damai Beach Resort is home to Kuching’s most stunning beach. Imagine a smooth, orange sand beach hugging the deep Borneo jungles. The beach at Damai is kept clean to provide the hotel’s guests with an ultra-luxurious experience. Damai Beach is a popular Sarawak beach for Kuching locals, with huts and sun beds accessible at the resort and a location adjacent to Mount Santubong. From the city center, it takes less than an hour to reach to Damai.

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