Top 5 halal restaurants in Kuching, Malaysia

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1. Mom’s Laksa Café

  The noodle soup known as laksa may be found all around Malaysia. The most well-known cuisine in the Bornean state is Sarawak laksa. There are usually a ton of locals at this Kopitiam (coffee shop). For first-time tourists who wish to experience the local delicacy with the security of knowing that it is halal, we recommend Mom’s Laksa. For only a few ringgits, you may have a full bowl of vermicelli noodles with fresh prawns and chicken that has been shredded.



2. Sepinang Sari Café & Restaurant

  A favorite among locals is sepinang sari. Long lines of hungry people are waiting for their fix at the basic restaurant around lunchtime. It is clean and reasonably priced. For a gourmet pleasure, we recommend trying their specialty dish, Mi Sapi Haji Salleh (a Malay-style beef noodle soup). Aim to avoid busy periods while ordering meals because it might take 30 minutes!



3. Babaganoush

  Babaganoush offers a more upscale eating experience at reasonable costs, despite not being as central as other halal eateries in Kuching. Favorites from Asia and Borneo are included on the menu, along with lamb and crab delicacies. This eatery, which is well-liked by local families and couples, is a great spot to spend a special evening. A high-end eating experience is offered in the completely air-conditioned room at surprisingly reasonable costs.



4. Rumah Hijau

  Rumah Hijau, which translates as “green house” in English, is appropriately named given that it has green exterior walls. This family-run restaurant has been serving the Kuching community since it first opened its doors in 2009. It serves Malaysian and Sarawakian cuisine. Spicy food doesn’t burn as long as it does in other countries, making it easier to access some of their specialties. Choose from the chicken and rice meal nasi ayam penyet or nasi lemak, the national dish of Malaysia. The busiest hour is during lunchtime, when the majority of the tables inside the elegantly sophisticated setting are occupied.



5. Ceylonese Restaurant

  This is one of the few Sri Lankan restaurants in Kuching that serves halal food, as the name would imply. Customers pick from a range of North Indian and Sri Lankan meals, which are served in enormous servings, while sitting in open seating areas. We advise the butter chicken curry, cheese naan with Ceylon tea, and lamb shank briyani. There are also vegetarian choices available. Go to Ceylonese if you’re hungry and want delicious cuisine from the subcontinent.

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