Top 5 parks in Kuching, Malaysia

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1. Kubah National Park

  Even though it claims to be “the home of palms and frogs,” Despite the fact that they are abundantly scattered across the jungle, Kubah National Park has much more to offer. You may find several different kinds of vibrant orchids as well as a number of stunning waterfalls tucked away among the deep vegetation. Many residents enjoy traveling here on the weekends to go for a walk in the forest or cool down in one of its lovely streams or bathing springs because it is only 30 minutes by car to the west of Kuching.



2. Bako National Park

  Bako is home to a staggering variety of various landscapes and ecosystems. It was the first national park to be formed in Sarawak back in 1957. It is one of the most well-liked national parks among both residents and visitors, and it is simple to see why given that it is only a half- hour drive from Kuching. The peninsula on which it is located has rough cliffs, remote beaches, and some lovely mangroves on show. It projects out into the South China Sea.



3. Kuching Wetlands National Park

  The Kuching Wetlands National Park, with a total size of 6610 hectares, is located around 15 kilometers from Kuching. The park’s vast marine network, which connects the important Sibu Laut and Salak rivers that surround it and is primarily made up of saltwater mangroves, is its greatest asset. The ideal way to see the park is to plan a river cruise through it, where you can take in the lush foliage and thick flora.



4. Malaysia-China Friendship Park

  Located near Jalan Song, Friendship Park is a lovely park with a garden, a lake, and memorials. It was constructed to mark the 30th anniversary of Malaysia and China’s diplomatic ties. To commemorate Cheng Ho’s outstanding accomplishments in the past, a sizable monument of him perched atop a ship was constructed. Additionally, there are 14 monuments that showcase the splendor of each state in Malaysia.



5. Reservoir Park

  Another lovely park in the heart of Kuching City is the Kuching Reservoir Park. Parking is simple, and because to its prime position, it is simple to get to from anyplace in the city. There are many different running pathways accessible, some of which go upwards and some downhill. The trails are well-shaded, and a bridge allows you to cross the artificial lake. Here are additional details about this park.

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