Top 5 places to go hiking in Kuching, Malaysia

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1.Mount Singai

  Mount Singai may be reached from Kuching City in under 30 minutes. Because it is not as challenging as other mountains, Mount Singai is a popular choice for hikers who are new to the sport. For first-timers, this climb is perfect! Since you can see the surrounding vegetation and fauna, the view from the summit of Mount Singai is also wonderfully tranquil.



2.Mount Jagoi | Bung Jagoi

  Bung Jagoi is adjacent to Serikin, a well-known retail district, due to its closeness to Indonesia. According to mythology, Puncak Bung Jagoi was the home of Bidayuh Jagoi. The Bidayuh Jagoi have now departed from the Kampung Jagoi region at the foot of the mountain. To assist preserve Bidayuh Jagoi’s unique heritage, Bung Jagoi now maintains a Heritage Center. There are steps for you to safely ascend if you want to go trekking in Bung Jagoi, so don’t worry about the challenging routes!



3.Bukit Gondol

  About 90 minutes from Kuching is Bukit Gondol, which is close to Pugu Beach. You will indirectly warm up before climbing it since you must walk for a few kilometers along the beach before reaching the foot of the gondola hill, despite the fact that it is merely a hill and hence easier than other hiking locations. The Gondola Hill is a fantastic location to view the Milky Way at night and provides a fantastic view of the South China Sea.



4.Mount Santubong

  Penjaga Gunung Negeri Sarawak, Puteri Santubong, and Puteri Sejinjang For those who want a challenge, Mount Santubong makes for a reasonably priced trip! To avoid getting lost, hikers should stick to the path to Mount Santubong’s peak, which is 45 minutes from Kuching City.



5.Mount Serapi

  From a distance, one can see the antenna of the radio transmission facility on Mount Serapi. On the other hand, Kuching has climbing spots like Mount Serapi! About 30 minutes drive from Kuching, Mount Serapi is situated in Kubah National Park. Starting points for hikes might include Taman Negara Kubah or the road track that climbs directly to the summit of Mount Serapi. There are seven distinct kinds of trails to climb; the one that takes the longest time, 3 hours and 30 minutes, leads to the summit of Mount Serapi.

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