Top 5 restaurants in Kuching, Malaysia

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1. Bla Bla Bla Restaurant

  Here is a restaurant in Kuching that is equally well-liked by youthful locals and national superstars. With its illuminated courtyard, Indonesian Buddha statue, and lovely Japanese koi ponds, Bla Bla Bla’s décor will captivate you. You’ll adore the chili main salad served here, which is made with freshly chopped fern that was gathered from the nearby rainforest and is topped with a creamy and delectable sauce. And if you enjoy meat, the stuffed ostrich with mozzarella will surely tickle your taste buds. This restaurant’s sugarcane chicken is a superb mix of sweet and spicy.



2. 21 Bistro

  Visit this elegant eatery in Kuching, Malaysia, which beautifully combines a restaurant and a cocktail bar. 21 Bistro is a favorite among the city’s young professionals. It is ideally situated in the center of the ancient Chinatown of the city. Here, expect the greatest jazz, happy conversations with welcoming people, and a warm atmosphere. It attracts travelers from all over the world because of its intriguing and wide cuisine.



3. Absolute Tribal

  During your visit to Kuching, dining at Absolute Tribal is a must if you want to experience what it was like to be a 19th-century aristocracy. You’ll get the impression that you’re being served in a royal family house when you come here to eat. The food offered here is a blend of regional traditions with Chinese and Thai flavors. Don’t forget to try their delicious tom yum soup, which is originally Thai and Laotian but is highly well-liked in Malaysia. While dining here, you should also get the umai, a raw seafood salad, or the hot salmon laksiam.



4. Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw Ihaw

  Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw Ihaw would definitely entice you if you’re seeking for a distinctive restaurant in Kuching where you can enjoy the mouthwatering Filipino food. This eatery is owned by a Filipino family, and they have a sweet habit of singing to customers. Come here for some delicious satay-coated checked skewers and sour pork sisig. You may also sample some of their other well-known and unique meals, such as the crispy pata and the pineapple chicken, which are both deep-fried hog leg legs that have been deboned and made soft with a flavor of pineapple, garlic, and soy.



5. Ling Loong Seafood

  If you visit Kuching and do not stop at Ling Loong Seafood to experience the finest and tastiest seafood in Kuching, you are missing out. Ingredients used in the dishes served here are sourced from the Sarawak River and the Pacific Ocean. In Kuching, there are numerous locations to obtain high-quality seafood, but if you want the freshest of them all, Ling Loong Seafood is the greatest option. It would be foolish not to try the seafood here, even though the locals prefer pomfret that has been grilled or red snapper that has been cooked in garlic. Along with kai-lan and bidin, or fern meals, you may also sample other delights like chili crab, oyster omelets, and peppered squid.

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