5 fun things to do in Kuching Malaysia

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Hike in Bako national park

  In Kuching, Bako National Park is one of my favorite places to go trekking. It is a beautiful park for lovers of the outdoors and animals, and it is home to the greatest number of Bornean- endemic Proboscis monkeys. Here, you may also take a variety of forest walks and witness the cute Bornean bearded pigs.



High Five the Cat Statues

  You are in cat city, after all! Amazing cat statues are everywhere throughout Kuching, and many of them may be found at key junctions. Why not do like I did and give the cute cat statues throughout town a high five? I quickly realized how much fun this was.



Satang Island

  The sunsets at Satang had the most beautiful and bright orange hues I have ever seen. This private island offers excellent sunset photography options with various objects on the beach – trees, fallen branches, crabs, rocks and the empty beach which help to create a stunning effect.




  The stunning waterfront is without a doubt THE place to be in Kuching. The Waterfront is a terrific location for exploring, dining out, and hanging out with friends. Evenings are bright and colorful because the beautiful state capitol building is lit up and creates stunning reflections on the river.