Top 5 Souvenirs from Kuching, Malaysia

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1. Pua Kumbu

  Pua Kumbu, a traditional ceremonial cotton textile with intricate designs, is often an essential component of the Iban tribe’s culture, history, and even daily life in the state.

  Pua Kumbu is worn everyday, as a fashion statement, and as ornamental items in addition to being utilized in ceremonies.



2. Chelum

  Sarawak has its own brand of chocolate. You did read that correctly. Its name is CHELUM. Just so you know, the word “Chelum” is derived from the Iban word meaning dark. Therefore, Sarawak Dark Chocolate is represented by the brand’s name. Noor Asmah Mohammed Mokhtar, who is also the proprietor of Roti Lazeez Enterprise, came up with the inventive concept to make the chocolate. Laruh Skim, Kuching, Sarawak is where their little kitchen factory is situated.



3. Sape

  The Kenyah tribe of Sarawak plays the sape, a traditional lute instrument made from a single piece of wood with at least two strings. Now played on stages across the world either traditionally or incorporated into contemporary music arrangements, sape is known for its entrancing and beautiful tones and has been utilized for ceremonial purposes.



4. Tribal Bags / Rattan Bag

  Each tribe in Sarawak will have a distinctive design that is as one-of-a-kind as the state itself to symbolize their culture.

The Sarawak tribal bags or purses may be the ideal accessories to your daily appearance since they combine gorgeous tribal design with functionality. Just picture adding a dash of tribal charm to your entire outfit.



5. Hand-woven Baskets

  Sarawakian baskets are robust and heavy-duty, with designs that can resist the strains of rigorous use. They are created from long Bemban wands, the robust and smooth outer layer of which is taken off and plaited into long-lasting baskets or even sleeping mats.

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