Top 5 Things To Do In Bintulu, Malaysia

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Tanjung Batu Beach

  This is the most well-known beach in the area and one of the top things to do in Bintulu is engage in coastal activities. A white sand beach with a few neighboring vendors offering street food and beach accessories emerges from the garden. You might easily unwind for a couple of hours at this beach.



Similajau National Park

  A popular attraction in Bintulu is this national park. The national park’s hiking track leads to the well-known turtle beaches, where you may see turtles, dolphins, and crocodiles. One of Bintulu’s most picturesque locations, Similajau National Park requires at least a half-worth day’s of exploration.



Tua Pek Kong Temple

  The Tua Pek Kong Temple is one of the most significant cultural sites to see when in Bintulu. It is renowned for its ornate architecture and furnishings. While traveling from Bintulu, it will take you around an hour to tour this temple.



Assyakirin Mosque

  The Assyakirin Mosque is another well-known tourist destination in Bintulu. It is a complex architectural building that seems extremely contemporary. Additionally, the compound has waterfalls and gardens. It will take you an hour to investigate it.



Taman Tumbina Zoo

  This park houses a zoo and a botanical garden. It is one of the most well-liked destinations for families in Bintulu. This park is home to a variety of flora and animals. To fully tour this park, allow two to three hours.

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