Top beaches in Bintulu, Malaysia

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Pantai Tanjung Batu Bintulu

  This unassuming location has a grill and picnic spaces in addition to its little sandy beach.

It was very incredible. There are several seats available for guests. There are several parking lots and it is free to park. Additionally, a barber truck is present. really intriguing.



Telekom Beach

  The potential for this beach is enormous. easily accessible Parking your car close to the Telekom building will provide you the easiest access. If, however, you want a more exciting approach, you may park a little bit farther from the Telekom intersection on the side of the main road and go down the well marked walking path.

features little rivers and a wide sandy beach. It also has rocky sides that are good for easy climbing.



Pantai Batu Mandi

  The beach is lovely and well-kept. You might need to pass through a settlement to get to the beach, and some gates charge a fee. Parking should be free if you park close to the “surau”. The crocodile must also be avoided. It is not advised that you explore the region by yourself.

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