Top hiking spots in Bintulu, Malaysia

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Tumbina Hill

  This path leads to the Tumbina Hill region from Tanjong Batu Beach. Be careful because this trail has a few rather steep sections that might be treacherously muddy and slippery, especially during the wet season. You can use knotted ropes to aid in climbing. As this route passes through a forest, remember to pack bug repellent, put on suitable hiking shoes, and carry plenty of water.



Nyabau Waterfalls

  Because the paths are flowing downward, the trek is simple at first. The journey back, though, is the true torment. Continually inclining and difficult tracks. Recommended for beginners, however be careful not to walk near the waterfall with shoes as it is quite slick.


Taman Tumbina Zoo

  For tourists, Tumbina Park is well worthwhile. A somewhat big region and a steep slope are other elements that might boost physical activity. This Tumbina Park has a wide range of creatures, which is really fascinating. Tumbina Park is a great place to relax while strolling and taking in the stunning scenery. There are also sensations of joy and enjoyment, especially while spending time with friends and family.

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