Top 5 amusement parks in Vietnam

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Vinpearl Land (Nha Trang)

  It would be a shame if you missed Nha Trang if you were looking for a beach to spend your vacation at. Your summer holiday travel to Vietnam will undoubtedly be made much more beautiful and peaceful from the moment you arrive thanks to the beach paradise’s extensive coastline, white smooth sand, and crystal blue ocean. Vinpearl Land, the jewel in the crown of the ocean queen, which offers a beautiful setting and first-rate services, will be the major draw.



Sun World Halong Complex (Bai Chay)

  The 214ha Sun World Halong Park, a top-notch amusement park, is a must-visit location for your family’s summer holiday. A unique cable car system called Queen’s Cable connects the playground atop Ba Deo and the coastline amusement park at Sun World Halong Complex. For each zone, you must purchase two tickets, though.



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Dam Sen Water Park (Ho Chi Minh City)

  Dam Sen Water Park, which is also located in Ho Chi Minh City, has long since risen to the top of the list of destinations for family vacations, particularly during the summer and school breaks. For guests of all ages, it offers a wave pool, a variety of water slides, and several terrifying rides.



KID OLAND children’s playground

  Like in Dragon Park, there will be many of entertaining games like sliding, ball houses, and obstacle courses. To see the Goddess firsthand and take pictures with prominent figures or celebrities, meeting her is also worthwhile. Each wax statue is a flawless representation of a celebrity such as David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, or Lionel Messi after being created through an intricate procedure including over 500 body measurements over the course of 90 days by renowned artists. This is a fantastic opportunity to get photos of your heroes in their truest emotions.



Suoi Tien (Ho Chi Minh City)

  One of the most desirable places to visit in Vietnam, along with Hanoi, is Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s most vibrant city. Hanoi is frequently regarded as a serene and lovely city. Ho Chi Minh City, in comparison, exudes the energy of a modern, global Asian city while still maintaining a strong sense of tradition. Given its high population density, Ho Chi Minh City has some of the world’s worst traffic, which will make it difficult for you to cross the street.