Top 5 ice cream spots in Vietnam

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Ralf’s Artisan Gelato

  Since the store’s inauguration in 2016, Ralf’s smooth, creamy gelato has skyrocketed in popularity in Ho Chi Minh City. Instead of depending on prefabricated goods, the ice cream parlor takes pride in creating amazing scoops from scratch using only natural ingredients. There are many flavors on the menu that are influenced by Vietnamese cuisine, such as ph and fish sauce (believe us, it’s excellent), even if the ice cream itself is authentically Italian. You won’t regret going to Ralf’s Artisan Gelato and you won’t forget it either.




  Sometimes, it is impossible to top the original Baskin-Robbins. The world adores its ridiculously creamy formula and for good reason. In recent years, a number of the well-known chain’s locations have popped up throughout the city, especially in District 1. Their delicious ice cream cakes are a favorite for birthdays and other special events, and their Brown Sugar Sweetness milkshake is to die for.



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Lickie Ice Dream

  The frozen delicacies from Lickie Ice Dream are doubly tasty due to their lovely appearance. Their vibrant ice cream pops are adorned with bows, hearts, and butterflies and come in a variety of charming shapes, including paw prints. If you’d rather have soft-serve, choose a handcrafted charcoal cone if you don’t mind having temporarily grey teeth.



Korean Remnant Bingsu

  This creative dessert fusion restaurant combines Western ice cream with Korean patbingsu, a shaved ice treat generally made with fruit, beans, and condensed milk. Thanks to an almost infinite variety of flavors and toppings, these distinctive sundaes taste as amazing as they look. Make sure to bring a friend since these amazing dishes are too huge and delicious to keep to yourself.



Osterberg Ice Cream

 The Thao Dien neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City now has access to ice cream flavors from all over the world thanks to Danish-owned Osterberg. The incredibly creamy gelato recipe never fails to satisfy, but for those with dietary restrictions, there are also a variety of dairy- and sugar-free choices available that are so delicious you’d never guess the difference.

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