Top 5 Must try local food in Vietnam

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Bot chien

  Bot chien, a popular street food in Saigon, is enjoyed by both after-school and late-night customers. A huge wok is used to fry rice flour dough chunks until they are crisp, and then an egg is added to the mixture. After being cooked, it is served with papaya slices, shallots, and green onions. Pickled chile sauce and rice vinegar are then used to provide extra flavor.




  In Vietnam’s largest cities, it’s nearly impossible to travel a block without coming across a group of eager customers chowing down on noodles at an improvised pho shop. This straightforward dish, which consists of fresh rice noodles, a salty broth, a dash of herbs, and either beef or chicken, dominates the local cuisine, which makes sense. It is widely accessible, affordable, and delicious at all times.



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Rau muong

  With good cause, some people refer to morning glory as river weed, but that doesn’t stop the crowds from gobbling up platefuls of the vegetable, which is typically stir-fried and seasoned with strong garlic. In Vietnamese restaurants and beer gardens, rau muong is typical.



Goi cuon

  When you’ve had too much fried cuisine in Vietnam, these fresh spring rolls offer a healthful alternative that are light and healthy. Before being beautifully folded and dipped in fish sauce, the translucent parcels are first filled with salad greens, a thin coating of meat or seafood, and coriander.



Banh khot

  This petite rendition of a Vietnamese pancake contains all the same delicious ingredients but is much smaller. It is possible to eat each banh knot in one ambitious but gratifying mouthful. The inside often consists of shrimp, mung beans, and spring onions with a sprinkle of dried shrimp flakes on top. The crispy exterior is produced with coconut milk.

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