Top 5 malls in Astana Kazakhstan

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Astana Mall

The right bank is where Astana Mall is located, making it a convenient location for employment, shopping, and entertainment. Together with well-known local and international companies, the shopping complex has a variety of kid-friendly attractions, a food court, and the Gourmet culinary school. The largest collaborative space in Kazakhstan, MULTISPACE, is another place where people may go to work, organise events, or take courses or master classes. Various offices integrate Ramstor basic supply, medicine store, photographic studio and cleaning administration.


Khan Shatyr, Astana

Visit Khan Shatyr to buy, eat, and have fun inside the big tent building. The 150 m (492 ft) tall, British-designed structure was completed in 2006, and its interior is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round thanks to its translucent, heat-absorbing plastic construction. A mini-golf course, an indoor beach resort with paddleboats, and an amusement park featuring a drop tower, log ride, and a 500 m (1,640 ft) monorail are all located in the centre. This iconic structure is particularly well-liked by families because it has a range of activities and is well-lit at night.


In the heart of the city, “Saryarqa” is a welcoming family-friendly shopping and entertainment complex. It is the sole representation of all Kazakhstani high-end fashion designers. The “VkusMart” supermarket there is the best ever. Country Mimioria Family Center for Development and Creativity The most cosy movie theatre IMAX Kinopark 9 Saryarqa has a VIP area in addition to 9 large halls. 14 different bars are combined in the novel entertainment venue known as BLa Bla Bar. Pre-drink is the bar’s key idea. Before heading to a nightclub or karaoke, you can visit here. Everyone can find a place to hang out here that suits them, which is the bar’s key distinction and unique selling point.


Aruzhan Shopping Centre

The Right Bank’s Aruzhan shopping complex has three floors and is surrounded by lively squares. Alma’s basic supply, drugstore, coffee shop, cleaning management, and money exchange are all located on the first floor. On the second floor, representatives from well-known international businesses like Kari and Incite are contacted. Moreover, there is the SULPAK market, which has stores selling household goods and appliances. STAR PLAY, a massive 6,500 square metre play area with three distinct zones for infants, young children, and teenagers, is located on the third level.



Asia Park Shopping Centre

This huge, contemporary shopping centre and entertainment complex include a 5-theater multiplex as well as a fantastic kids’ entertainment area. Due to the fact that there are 168 stores there are many options to shop. Most people agree that this shopping centre is among the greatest in all of Kazakhstan. It is home to a Fitness First club with the most up-to-date equipment and provides affordable middle-class shopping in a safe and comfortable environment. Also, the region is renowned for its mild climate. Don’t overlook these shopping centres if you visit Kazakhstan.

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