Top 5 Banks in Astana

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Halyk Bank
A commercial savings bank with locations in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Russia, Tajikistan, and
Uzbekistan is called Halyk Bank. The English translation of its full Kazakh name is “Peoples’
Savings Bank of Kazakhstan Joint-Stock Corporation.

Eurasian Bank
The prognosis for the bank’s long-term operations in local and foreign currencies was
downgraded to “negative” as a result of the weakening general projections for Kazakhstan’s
banking industry and economy, according to the international rating agency Moody’s
Investors Service (Moody’s).

Bank CenterCredit
Large commercial bank Bank CenterCredit has branches all around Kazakhstan, including
Astana. It offers a wide range of banking services, such as investment banking, corporate
and retail banking, trade finance, and banking for businesses.

ATF (Almaty Trade Finance) bank focused on funding international trade, a field that
Kazakhstan’s financial institutions had not really ventured into. It was a pioneer in postSoviet banking as well as one of Kazakhstan’s first non-state financial organisations.

kaspi bank
A high-tech corporation called Kaspi Bank provides banking and financial services and goods
for both regular and corporate customers. In addition to offering banking services, Kaspi
Bank also organises electronic trading platforms and provides retail financial services.

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