Top 5 car Showrooms in Astana

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BMW Astana
BMW Astana is a BMW dealership located in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. It is an
authorized dealer of BMW vehicles, offering a range of new and used BMW cars, SUVs, and
motorcycles. The dealership is known for its exceptional customer service and expertise in BMW
vehicles. In addition to sales, BMW Astana also provides maintenance and repair services for BMW
vehicles, as well as genuine BMW parts and accessories. The dealership aims to provide a premium
automotive experience for its customers, delivering the high-quality and luxury BMW brand is
known for.

Nissan Astana
Nissan Astana is a reputable dealership located in the capital city of Kazakhstan that specializes in
the sale of Nissan vehicles. Nissan Astana is renowned for its outstanding customer service,
knowledge of Nissan automobiles, dedication to quality, and devotion to customer happiness. It
offers a wide variety of cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Astana
The showroom is located at Turan Ave 61, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan with a In-store shopping
service. Luxury Mercedes-Benz automobiles and SUVs are available in this showroom, along with
choices for financing and maintenance.
Hyundai Astana
The showroom has a very beautiful interior design. Up on arriving to the showroom customer are
greeted warmly and helped to find their desired can amongs Sedans, SUVs, and crossovers are
among the Hyundai vehicles available in this showroom.

Toyota Center Astana
With an In-store shopping and In-store pick-up, the offers a variety of Toyota cars, such as sedans,
SUVs, and pickup trucks. It is located at Shakarim Kudayberdiuly Avenue 6, Astana 010000,

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