Top 5 Hairdressers in Astana

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Rachshauskas-hairdressing studio
They are experts in hair colouring and cutting. They produce a distinctive image with the
assistance of a combination of professionals from the top British academies while taking
into account the structure of the skull. For up to three months after your haircut, you can
enjoy one that doesn’t require styling. Up to six months, enjoy colouring! They make use of
soft Keune goods (including ammonia-free, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free). constructed
in the Netherlands.

Madam Chepa
This salon, which is situated at 11 Qabanbay Batyr Ave, is renowned for its skilled and kind
team, which provides customised consultations and first-rate hair services.

Studio 48
This salon, which is situated at Tauelsizdik Ave. 22, offers a staff of knowledgeable
hairdressers that utilise top-notch materials to offer individualised hair services, including
haircuts, colouring, extensions, and style.

This beauty parlour, which is located at 9 Dostyk Avenue, provides many different hair
services, such as cuts, colouring, style, and extensions.

Salon Krasoty 
Bright colours are used to design the salon tastefully. They employ several equipment to
create their special cut, which is distinctive. Their address is 17 Amangeldi Imanov Street,
Astana, Kazakhstan, 010000. At 10 am, the salon opens.

Hair dresser tool set with leather bag on pink background.

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