Top 5 Halal Restaurants in Astana

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Ресторан Saf
The lamb shank, at Ресторан Saf, is one of the restaurant’s highlight dishes. With a side of rice or
vegetables, this hearty and savory dish is made with a delicate and succulent lamb shank that has been
slow-cooked to perfection with aromatic spices. Any customer who comes to the restaurant must sample

A collection of restaurants in Astana known as Shashlykoff specialize in grilling meals, especially shashlik,
which is skewered and grilled meat. The restaurant makes sure that it only serves halal meat and offers a
wide range of alternatives on its menu.

Hazrat Sultan
Hazrat Sultan serves dishes like lagman, a noodle soup, plov, a rice-based dish with meat and vegetables,
and shashlik, grilled meat skewers. The restaurant emphasizes the use of fresh and locally sourced
ingredients in all their dishes, which adds to the authenticity and overall satisfaction of the dining
experience for their patrons.

Capitol Café
Capitol Café’s signature dish is unquestionably Beshbarmak, a typical Kazakh delicacy. It is a filling dish
comprised of boiling meat (often lamb or beef) that is served over a bed of pasta prepared from thinly
rolled dough and topped with onions and meat broth. It is a must-try dish for any tourist. Beshbarmak is
a dish that is often served on special occasions like weddings. Nevertheless, Capitol Café has made it a
staple item on their menu.

Kishlak, a restaurant in Astana, focuses on serving Uzbek food that is exclusively made using halal meat.
The restaurant offers a variety of foods on its menu, including kebabs, lagman, a noodle soup, and plov, a
rice dish with meat and vegetables.

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