Top 5 mosque in Astana.

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Nur-Astana Mosque
In Astana, Kazakhstan, there is a mosque called the Nur-Astana Mosque. It is Central Asia’s
third-largest mosque. The minarets’ height of 63 metres represents the Islamic
prophet Muhammad’s age at the time of his death, while the building’s 40-meter height
represents his age when he received the revelations.

Hazret Sultan Mosque
The mosque has an accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers at once. The mosque lies in the
middle of the city and features a stunning blue dome and minarets.

The Grand Mosque of Astana
In Astana, Kazakhstan, there is a mosque called the Astana Grand Mosque. It is one of the
biggest mosques in the world . The mosque’s main dome is the biggest of its kind in the
entire world. The dome has a diameter of 62 metres and an approximate height of 83.2

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
The Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum is a significant Islamic landmark in Astana even though
it isn’t really a mosque. The mausoleum is one of the most important architectural
structures in Central Asia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mashkhur Jusup Mosque
One of the biggest mosques in Kazakhstan, the Mashkhur Jusup Mosque occupies a 6 ha
area in the heart of Pavlodar. It can hold 1,500 worshippers and was completed in 2001
after a year of development. The poet and historian Mashkhur Jusup of Kazakhstan inspired
the naming of the mosque.


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