Top 5 park in Astana.

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Central Park
Central Park is still one of Nur-main Sultan’s tourist destinations (Astana). It is situated along
Turan Avenue and is surrounded by lovely trees and a variety of views, including the huge
Ishim River Embankment. The park is a wonderful public space to hang out with loved ones
or friends. The park offers a wide range of outdoor activities, whether it’s the height of
summer or the dead of winter. There are trails for biking and running there, as well as a
swimming pool. There are many cross-country skiing trails in the park throughout the
winter, and there are also ice skating rinks. Rental shops for equipment are available all year
round; in the winter, you may hire skis and skates, and in the summer, you can rent bikes,
scooters, and kid-sized electric cars.

Nurzhol Boulevard
On the left bank of the Ishim River in Astana, there is a pedestrian area called Nurjol
Boulevard, formerly known as Green Water Boulevard. One of the great draws of the city
and the nation is the Boulevard.

Mangezey Park
Not only for health. The floral gardens and confusing sidewalks are great for getting out of
the city’s drabness. The size and location of this open-air park, which is located just outside
the downtown centre, are both lovely. This is the ideal spot in Nur-Sultan if you need to
leave and run.

Botanical Garden
The Astana Botanical Garden, the biggest botanical garden in Astana, Kazakhstan, has three
bridges, a pond, and fountains. In addition to the roughly 9,000 trees and plants planted
from Europe, Asia, and North America, the green spaces have been laced with bike and
jogging routes.

The First President Park
The First President Park, as its name suggests, was inaugurated in November 2011 and is
dedicated to Nursultan Nazarbayev, the country’s first president. With a total size of 73
hectares, this park is one of Almaty’s most popular attractions for both locals and visitors. It
is situated at the intersection of Navoi Street and Al- Farabi Avenue in the Bostandyk
Almaty, the country’s youngest city, has a unique layout against a background of beautiful
mountains. The park is lined with trees and flowerbeds for approximately 1.5 kilometres
from one end to the other. There are seating places with modest shelters on elevated
mounds at the park’s southern edge.

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