Top 5 Places to find Jewelry in Astana

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Royal Jewellery
The prestigious jewelry store Royal Jewellery is located in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital. They provide a
wonderful selection of expensive, luxurious jewelry pieces that have been painstakingly made with
accuracy and care.

Khan Shatyr
Visitors can locate the Chopard Boutique inside Khan Shatyr, which features a selection of expensive
watches and jewelry pieces from the prestigious company. The boutique features elegant and
fashionable pieces with diamonds and other priceless jewels set in gold or platinum. The timepieces are
accurately and painstakingly manufactured, showcasing complex mechanisms and stylish designs.

Jewelry store in Astana, Kazakhstan. High-end chain famous for its crystal timepieces, jewelry, Christmas
ornaments, and home décor. Service options: In-store shopping. Address: 3CQ4+JJG, Astana 020000,

Pandora is a renowned global jewelry brand that has a store situated in Astana, which is the capital city
of Kazakhstan. The Pandora shop is a famous location for individuals seeking trendy and adaptable
jewelry that is reasonably priced and of exceptional quality.

Amore Jewelry
Each item of jewelry made by Amore Jewelry is of the highest caliber, reflecting the company’s
commitment to perfection. Each piece is painstakingly crafted by their trained artisans, who guarantee
that it meets the highest standards of quality. The jewelry pieces are made by the company using only
the finest components, including precious metals, excellent diamonds, and gemstones.

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