Top 5 Street Food in Astana

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A sort of fried dough snack known as boortsog or bawrsaq can be found in the cuisines of
Central Asia, Idel-Ural, Mongolia, and the Middle East. It can be formed into triangles or
spheres on occasion. Flour, yeast, milk, eggs, butter, salt, sugar, and margarine are the
ingredients in the dough.

This traditional Kazakh cuisine is made up of thin noodles, onions, and boiling meat (often
lamb or beef) that is served on top. It is a warming, satisfying dinner that is ideal for the
chilly winters in Astana.

Samsa is a savoury pastry that is baked to perfection and filled with meat (often beef or
lamb) and onions. It is a well-liked street cuisine in Astana and is available at several food
stands all around the city.

Shashlik is a popular variety of kebab in Kazakhstan. On skewers, marinated chunks of meat
(often lamb or beef) are grilled and eaten with bread, onions, and tomatoes.

The ingredients used to make lagman, a type of noodle soup, often include a hot broth, beef
or lamb, veggies, and herbs. This full dish is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner because it is
hearty and filling.

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