Top 5 Western Theme Restaurants in Astana

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La Rivière
In the thriving city of Astana, there is a chain of restaurants called La Rivière with a western style. The
restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience that mixes delectable food with a rustic atmosphere and
is inspired by the American Wild West. The franchise has several locations throughout the city, each with
a unique interior style that includes wood highlights, cowboy-themed decor, and a general western vibe.

Line Brew Astana
The in-house brewery at Line Brew Astana, which makes a number of distinctive craft beers, is one of the
hotel’s features. These beers, which are made with just the best ingredients, go great with any meal. Line
Brew Astana provides a variety of beers to suit any taste, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional
lager or an intense IPA.

Visitors may anticipate a great and authentic meal at Saksaul. The eatery focuses in filling, meat-heavy
dishes that will please any appetite. The cuisine at Saksaul is a meat lover’s dream, with everything from
juicy burgers and tender steaks to slow-cooked BBQ ribs and crunchy fried chicken. The restaurant also
provides a variety of sides and appetizers, such as crisp onion rings, fresh salads, and traditional mac &

Wild West Saloon
With wooden tables and chairs, cowboy hats, and wall murals depicting cowboys, this eatery has a
western saloon motif. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes—classic American fare—are on the menu.

The Shoreditch
Any appetite can be sated by The Shoreditch’s extensive selection of typical western meals. There is
something for everyone at this restaurant, from mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches to traditional
Texan BBQ ribs and steaks. The menu at The Shoreditch is always changing to reflect the newest and
most innovative culinary trends, and the chefs there only utilize the freshest and highest-quality
ingredients to prepare their meals.

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