Where to eat local food in Astana

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Kazakh Eli
The food itself is frequently praised for being tasty and filling, with an emphasis on slow-cooked and soft
meat dishes. The foods are frequently served family-style and the portion sizes are typically large, so
they are meant to be shared. For a variety of reasons, dining at Kazakh Eli can be a distinctive and
unforgettable experience. Traditional Kazakh ornaments and artwork are frequently used to decorate
restaurants, which can result in a warm and welcoming ambiance. The crew frequently greets guests
warmly and is dressed in traditional Kazakh cloths.

Sultan Ahmet
Sultan Ahmet I, an Ottoman Sultan who is famed for his sponsorship of the arts and architecture who
lived in the 17th century, is the name of the restaurant. A variety of meals that reflect the complex
flavors and ingredients of Turkish and Kazakh cuisine are offered on the menu at Sultan Ahmet. Visitors
can sample traditional Kazakh fare like beshbarmak, a filling dish made with noodles and boiled meat, or
they can enjoy kebab, a popular Turkish dish prepared with grilled meat and veggies.

Zhety Kazyna
The diner is renowned for its delicious, genuine local cuisine and for providing a special dining
experience that is rich in custom and culture. The dishes it offers are Shashlik(skewered, grilled meat—
typically lamb or beef—served with onions and vegetables), Lagman(a beef and vegetable noodle soup
that has been spiced and seasoned with herbs), Manty(Similar to Chinese dumplings, these are paired
dumplings stuffed with pork, onion, and potatoes).

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